Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)
Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)
Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)
Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)
Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)
Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)

Memento Booth Reservation (deposit)

Regular price $99.00

Select your reservation date(s) below, and the correct rental period will automatically be applied in your cart at checkout.

For one-day events, select the date of your event in both the "from" and "to" fields. We'll always ship your kit to arrive at least one business day before the "from" date.

Total rental price $349 plus tax (FREE round-trip shipping).

$99 deposit due at reservation. Refundable if reservation is canceled at least 30 days from reservation date.

Final invoice will show applicable taxes and discounts, and is due by shipping date.

Your Memento by Movebooth Rental has everything you need to run a successful event, including:

  • Sleek iPad kiosk with integrated dimming ringlight and rolling case, featuring our 2 minute tool-free setup.
  • Beautiful design templates to customize your photo booth and truly make it yours.
  • Unlimited Memento by Movebooth App usage during rental period. We're not watching the clock, so party on! Return label's in the box.
  • Hosted online gallery with "selfie wall." Or password protect your gallery. We understand. No, really! 🍻
Here's how our simple rental process works:
    1. Reserve your date online and pay for your reservation.
    2. Set up your Memento by Movebooth App and online gallery customizations in the Movebooth Online Dashboard (we'll create an account for you after your order is placed).
    3. Receive your Memento by Movebooth hardware kit at your preferred shipping address in time for the start of your reservation.
    4. Make some moves!
    5. Return your kit the next business day after the end of your reservation using the return label we included in the box.
    6. Don't feel sad that your Memento by Movebooth is gone; feel happy that it happened!
    7. REPEAT. 😄

    NOTE: This is the reservation fee for your Memento by Movebooth rental. Up until 30 days before your event, your reservation fee is fully refundable.