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Business in the back.

Get the clever marketer’s secret weapon–the wildly fun and surprisingly powerful selfie station that moves you.

Create instant digital content from your events.

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Your brand front and center, end to end.

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Continue the conversation with your guests.

Get to know your audience better.

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Movebooth activates with the biggest brands in the world.

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Best for: Companies with events throughout the year, Businesses with high foot traffic spaces like retail stores, venues, bars, and restaurants, Event/PR agencies, and local photo booth resellers.

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Best for: Companies who own the Movebooth selfie station hardware kit, DIY kit builders, or anyone looking for the best photo booth software in the world to run on their iPad devices.

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Best for: Companies with few or irregular events, Seasonal use, Short-term or temporary use at events like sports games, tournaments, conferences, parties, performances, short tours, and more.

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It was a big hit and super easy to use and set up.

Devin W, Facebook

Such an easy setup and an amazing experience.

Natalie M, NYX Cosmetics

Our Movebooth was a big hit! Our client loved it and so did our attendees.

Sara O, LEO Events

Easy process, easy set up, quick response, and worked well. Our attendees enjoyed it!

Laurel E, BlueCross BlueShield

Great customer service, easy to use, overall excellent experience

Kathryn L, AdventHealth

Movebooth was easy to set up and use! It definitely drew a crowd over to our booth and the attendees loved seeing the gif come through to them!

Shell W, USTA

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